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Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Independence Title Provides Title Services for the Following Types of Transactions:

  • Residential Sale and Purchase for Cash Transactions
  • Purchase Transactions Financed With a Mortgage
  • FOR SALE BY OWNER Sale & Purchase Transactions
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • SHORT SALE Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Mortgage Refinances
  • New Construction Purchase Transactions
  • Land Purchase Transactions
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Reverse Mortgage Transactions
  • Government FHA & VA Financing Purchase Transactions


As part of our services Independence Title:


Searches the Public Records via our underwriter’s database and our own searches of the public records to ascertain legal ownership and the existence of liens, mortgages, judgments and any and all matters that can affect the title to the property.

Examines the Title by physically reviewing the documents revealed in the search of the public records. Our attorneys and specially trained staff review the “hard copies” pulled from the records search to ascertain the validity and applicability of each document. Although a document may be recorded in the public records it must be examined to determine that it complies with title standards and requirements.

Verifies payoffs of mortgages and association maintenance and assessments. This is done so that at closing these liens and balances are paid off in full and no longer encumber the property. We also obtain lien letters from the municipality to make sure no balances are owed on any city charges or that there exist no open violations affecting the property.

Real Property Tax records are examined to ascertain the status and payment of ad valorem and non-ad valorem real estate taxes.


Facilitates the Closing with the Buyer’s lender to coordinate the details of the loan the borrower may be obtaining. We also obtain the lenders closing costs and are sent the lender’s mortgage documents to be signed by the Buyer at closing.

Issues a Title Commitment and Title Policy to the new Buyer and their lender, if applicable, guaranteeing that both receive an actual insurance policy warranting that the title to the property is good and marketable. This is a one time fee and it is paid at closing. The Buyer receives an Owners Title Policy insuring the title up to the value of the purchase price. The lender receives a Mortgagee Title Policy insuring title up to the value of the mortgage they are providing the Buyer. These are both issued by Independence Title as agents for nationally recognized title underwriters.


Prepares the Closing Documents that will be executed by both the Buyer and Seller at closing. The HUD Settlement/Closing Statements, the Sellers and Buyers transfer of title documents and the mortgage documents, if applicable, are among the myriad of papers that are executed at closing.

Perform the Closing of the entire transaction. This is usually done in the office of Independence Title, but can be done at the Realtor’s or Mortgage Broker’s office. In addition to getting all of the documents executed by the parties Independence Title disburses any and all sums due pursuant to the contract and closing statement. After closing we record the documents in the public records and issue the final title insurance policies.

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Independence Title and their attorneys and staff of closing professionals have been serving the needs of South Florida’s Buyers and Sellers for almost 30 years. We have consistently ranked in the top 10 of title insurance companies premiums remitted whose underwriter is Attorney Title/Old Republic Title.

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