Foreclosure Alternatives


In addition to the typical real estate related services, The Law Office of Todd E. Surber, P.A. provides legal representation that specifically deals with the financial hardships this market has heaped upon many Florida homeowners. Many property owners facing foreclosure are not aware of the options available to them to ward off or even avoid foreclosure.


FORECLOSURE ALTERNATIVES that we can assist you with are as follows:

  • SHORT SALES.  Please go to our separate SHORT SALE heading that deals exclusively with this viable and often frequently preferred alternative.


  • FORECLOSURE DEFENSE. We highly recommend that you consult with us before your lender initiates a foreclosure action because there are several things you can do to prevent or avoid a lawsuit from occurring. Short Sales, loan modifications and deeds in lieu of foreclosure are among the alternatives and they are dealt with on this site. However, if in fact, you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit there are strategies  and steps that can be pursued to protect your interests should that occur.  A consultation with a member of Platt & Surber, P.A. law firm can often result in a favorable outcome to the foreclosure action. You can reach us by simply going to our  CONTACT US heading or calling our offices.


  • DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE. This occurs when a Lender agrees to accept an assignment of the property by deed from the borrower in lieu or instead of foreclosing on the property. Other documents are also required to insure that the conveyance is not to the detriment of other creditors. Lenders generally prefer going the Short Sale route instead of foreclosing or accepting a deed in lieu of foreclosure because with Short Sales they do not take the property back  and then have to resell it and maintain it in the interim.


  • DEFICIENCY AVOIDANCE.  This occurs when a client has one of the Attorneys with Platt & Surber, P.A. represent them to negotiate with their Lender to eliminate or decrease a deficiency obligation that frequently happens when the Lender is being repaid less than the existing balance of their mortgage. Many times in a Short Sale transaction when a non lawyer negotiator represents the Seller they will fail to make sure that the Lender forgives and forever waives their rights to any outstanding balance that may be due on the mortgage. Our attorneys are extremely successful in insuring that their clients do not have a deficiency obligation to deal with after the closing of a Short Sale transaction.