The attorneys at Todd E. Surber, P.A. have extensive experience in representing the Officers and Board of Directors of both Condominium and Homeowners Associations.

Among the many services we offer these Associations are the following:
•    Consultations with Officers and Directors to discuss the drafting of Condominium and Homeowners Associations governing documents and preparing these documents along with amendments and modifications thereto. We also undertake procedures to insure that the preservation of marketable title (MRTA) continues unabated under the Homeowners Association or Condominium documents.
•    Discussions with Officers and Directors to pursue the collection of delinquent and past due maintenance and assessments.
•    Communication with homeowners and/or tenants for the collection of maintenance and assessments.
•    The filing of liens on behalf of the association and the foreclosure of said liens when appropriate and applicable.
•    Pursuing the compliance by homeowners and/or tenants to the governing documents and the Rules and Regulations of the Association.
•    Negotiation and preparation of contracts and leases on behalf of the Association.
•    Attendance at Association meetings when required and applicable.
•    Consultation with Associations regarding their compliance with applicable Federal and State Fair Housing and other laws, statutes and regulations.

To request information on our firms potential representation of your
Condominium or Homeowners Association please

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